What does it mean to elope? The biggest misconception is running away to Vegas and getting married by an Elvis officiant, but the term has adapted a new meaning. Eloping has become a more stylized way of breaking the traditional wedding rules. The only rule present for an elopement is keeping the day all about the two of you and what makes you unique as a couple. This could mean your wedding day might just be the two of you out on the lake, saying your vows on the end of a dock or bringing your closest family to a gathering in the centre of the forest so they are the only one's in sight to hear your personal vows. The possibilities are endless!

Lucia and John chose to elope at an old church transformed into a classically beautiful AirBnb. They checked all the right boxes to make their elopement authentically themselves. Witnessed by 8 of their closest friends and family, a grand bridal entrance down the iron staircase, followed by a game-filed and story-telling dinner, this elopement was far from an ordinary wedding (and even had me calling up my parents and telling them when I get married, I'm going elope...oops).

The intimate atmosphere and historic charm this venue presented made AirBnb elopements one of my top favourites! How can you pass up a bell-tower dressing room, indoor swing and homestyle feel for your wedding day?!

Check out their elopement story below!