an adventure authentically made for two


Congratulations on deciding to elope!

I am so excited to meet all you rebellious lovers! In its simplest sense, an elopement is a wedding day, without the over-the-top guest list, endless group photos and large reception venue. Instead your elopement is an intimate, authentic, and custom made day to be celebrated between just the two of you, or some close friends/family of your choosing!

Your day can be the both of you out on the lake and saying your vows on the end of a dock, inviting your close friends to an airbnb for an intimate dinner party and never ending stories, or bringing your closest family to a gathering in the centre of the forest so they are the only one's in sight to hear your personal vows.

The best part about eloping is that there are no rules and each detail can be custom built to create a day that truly reflects you both.

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Why travel far when our own beautiful Ontario has the best elopement destinations? All locations can be made authentically you, whether it's an adventurous provincial park, on-the-lake cottage, cozy airbnb, or right in your own back yard.

Here are a few of my favourite places:

Compass Rose Suites in Prince Edward County

One Hundred Acre Wood in Prince Edward County

Whispering Springs in Grafton

Century Barn in Denfield

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