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Wedding pricing guide

Whether this is your first time hiring a photographer or not, it is important to know that each photographer has a unique style and approach attached to their services. While these packages highlight the physical items you will receive, what it doesn't show you is the experience you will be gaining.

I'm a lover of real moments, belly aching laughs, and adventures. I will get you frolicking in the water, rolling down a hill or jumping in a bouncy castle. Your wedding day is to be captured the way you FELT it. Each photo documenting the love you feel for each other, those in-between sweet moments and the little details that otherwise would have been forgotten with the night.

You WILL remember this experience and the relationship with your photographer will reflect on how you feel about your photos. Not only will memories be held in each photograph, but our memories in the moment of that photo will also be there. So please take your time to introduce yourselves and your passions. I WANT to get to know you because that's what you deserve from a photographer.

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