Bachelorette parties are a wedding must have! And now hiring a photographer to capture the party should also be on your to-do list!
I've compiled 5 reasons why you should hire a photographer for your next bachelorette party...

1.Most friend groups are rarely all together at the same time

Let's be real for a moment! When was the last time you and all your favourite girls were able to all be together for an entire weekend? Rarely ever, right?! As much as we hate to admit it, we've all grown up and frankly grown more apart (geographically). Your bachelorette weekend changes all of that! We finally have all the girls together again and we NEED to remember this special time! So put on your best dancing shoes, it's time to party like we're all back in college!

2.It will help your bridesmaid's who don't know each other, be more comfortable being close and personal for the wedding photos

Being 100% truthful, wedding photography invades personal space!! Having a day where your girls can all relax and get to know each other is the perfect solution for those who may be a tad shy in front of the camera. Having a photographer present for your bachelorette can really help someone be more comfortable holding hands or dancing with the girl next to them.

3.This is the perfect photo opportunity for a relaxed bride

As much as we hate to admit it, wedding days are hectic! Us vendors do our best to make sure our bride and groom don't feel the stress levels we do, but sometimes it's hard to take it all away. Bachelorette parties are different. On this day it is a guarantee that the bride will be relaxed and her only priority will be to take shots and have fun!


Photos with your bridesmaid's on your wedding day are gorgeous and definitely need to be captured, but having photos at your bachelorette guarantee you will all be in more casual/semi formal outfits (which in my opinion are the one's that last the test of time). You're more likely to want to share and print photos of all of you dressed more casual. This allows for all your friends to have the opportunity to print and frame these photos as well! word - instagram... duh!

There's no better photo opportunity than a bachelorette party, enough said!

So I guess there is only one thing left to ask... what is your bachelorette theme so i can join in on the party?!