TIME: 1:00PM-1:45PM

GROOM - GEtting ready

Your photographer starts their coverage time at the groom's getting ready location.


20 minutes

After introductions, your photographer will start with capturing detail photos. For most days, these will be captured on the groom as he begins to get ready. Tie, cuff links, watches, fancy socks, anything custom to their attire will be photographed being put on.

party cheers + candids

10 minutes

Save a bottle of your choice for those who are getting ready with you to share a celebratory cheers, drink and well wishes

groomsmen portraits

15 minutes

The best getting ready location will give us the option to get groomsmen portraits completed. This will save us time later in the day.

TIME: 2:00PM-3:30PM

bride - GEtting ready

Pro tip: consider the travel time your photographer will need to get from groom to bride getting ready. It is always best to have the bride getting ready as close to the ceremony/portrait location


20 minutes

When your photographer arrives, we will begin with detail photos of your dress and/or a flatlay if you have details you wish to have photographed. Alike to the groom's coverage, we may choose to do detail photos once dressed.

If your makeup + hairstylist are still present, we will snap a quick image or 2 of your final touches.

matching pjs

10 minutes

Now is the time everyone should be ready to get dressed. We can carve out 10 minutes to capture some quick candid moments of the bridal party in all matching outfits. Choose to go for a champagne pop, confetti pop, or just some group photos.

Bride gets into dress

15 minutes

We will send your girls off to get dressed while the bride and their person of choice (typically mom, grandma, sister or maid of honor) get the bride ready. Take into consideration the style of your dress and know how long it will take to do up the buttons - if applicable.

final touches

15 minutes

Details such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, veils, etc... will all be placed on for detail shots after. If the space allows, we will end with the full bridal party getting the bride ready.

Use these last dew moments to go for a final cheers + toast with your girls

TIME: 3:30-4:00PM

first look

Here is the moment that really determines the timeline of your day. A first look is becoming the best addition to your day. If you're on the fence here are some reasons to include these moments into your timeline.

  1. If you're not the type of couple to want to talk in front of your guests, you can use your first look moment to exchange private vows.
  2. Prioritizing time with your guests is most possible with a first look. This eliminates a majority of your portraits which would need to be taken following the ceremony. Instead we will only do family portraits and then you're available to enjoy the remainder of your cocktail hour with your guests.
  3. Your ceremony time can be further in the afternoon/early evening. With the elimination of portraits following the ceremony, your wedding schedule can flow from ceremony to cocktail hour, then straight into your reception.
  4. If you're worried about the first look ruining your "aisle" moment. This gives you the best of both worlds, you get to watch your partner walk down the aisle then share a moment alone before your day is filled with the presence of your loved ones.

first look + private vows

15 minutes - pending if travel time is needed

First looks don't have to stay between you and your partner. These moments are special for so many others! Your wedding party, your parents, grandparents, siblings or your kids! Whomever it is that you want this special moment with, schedule it into your coverage.


30 minutes

Following your first look, we will move into bride + groom and the remainder of the wedding party portraits.

TIME: 4:00-4:45PM


Your photographer will request to arrive to the ceremony location 15 minutes before the ceremony begins. This will make it possible to get detail shots and candids of guests arriving


15 minutes

Details of ceremony decor + the guest experience arriving


30 minutes

Pro tip: Have your guests arrive and have champagne ready to be poured for the ceremony. This fills their hands so they're less likely to be holding onto their phones and can remain an unplugged ceremony.

TIME: 4:45-5:45PM

cocktail hour

Pro tip: having a first look makes it possible for the bride and groom to stay with guests during cocktail hour

family portraits

30 minutes

These are the easiest to complete following your ceremony. If possible, have your officiant make an announcement following the ceremony, to guide guests where family portraits will be happening.


30 minutes

Enjoy the rest of your time with guests, apps and some drinks!

You'll receive candids of guests, friend portraits and can even go for a toast.

TIME: 6:00-9:00PM


Suggestion: put time in your schedule to see your reception first with your partner BEFORE your guests sit down

private entrance

10 minutes

We all know a lot of hard work goes into the littlest details of your day. Schedule time for you and your partner to enter your reception location alone.

first dance

10 minutes

Take your private entrance moment one step further and start your first dance alone. Then have the reception doors open up to your guests to join you for the remainder of your dance.


5 minutes each - 30 minutes total

Considering having speeches BEFORE dinner, everyone will be present in listening + watching and not focused on eating the food in front of them, or pushing their dirty plates to the side. This works best when apps are served during cocktail hour.

Take it one step further and have your first dance with your parents following their speech. This gives a good little breather in-between speeches.

dinner is served

1-2 hours

Take this time to relax, all your guests can chat and you and your partner can enjoy some chats alone.

If there is time between courses, you'll find your photographer taking guest photos with each table

sunset portraits

10-15 minutes

When the timing is right, your photographer will sneak you away from dinner for a quick 10 minute sunset portraits to end the coverage.

dancefloor opens

30 minutes

Once the dance floor opens, your photographer will be active on capturing for 30 minutes. Make sure you and your partner are on the floor to get the most of your coverage.

Timeline in short:


1:00 - Photographer arrives at groom getting ready

1:10 - Groom getting ready details

1:30 - Groom + groomsmen portraits + cheers

1:45 - Photographer leaves to bride getting ready location

2:00 - Photographer arrives at bride getting ready

2:10 - Bridal details

2:20 - Bride + bridesmaid pj photos

2:30 - Bride gets into dress (bridesmaids also get dressed)

2:45 - Bride details (necklaces, veil, rings, etc...)

2:55 - Bride with bridesmaids final details into a cheers + toast if applicable

3:10 - Groom arrives for first look

3:15 - First look

3:20 - Private vows

3:30 - Wedding party + bride + groom portraits

4:00 - Ceremony detail + guest arrival photos (travel time to a new location may be needed)

4:15 - Ceremony begins

4:40 - Ceremony ends

4:45 - Cocktail hour for guests begin - Family portraits first

5:15 - Bride + groom join cocktail hour

5:45 - Bride + groom arrive to reception location for their first viewing (travel time to a new location may be needed)

6:00 - Bride + groom begin first dance alone, guests are ready to be let in, after 30 seconds guests can enter and surround bride + groom

6:10 - speeches begin - parent dances happening between speeches

6:30 - First course/dinner is served

8:30 - Dance floor opens

8:45 - Sunset portraits (time may vary based on time of year/location)

9:00 - Photographer leaves

you may find these idea's helpful: