A list of moments to make the most of your getting ready photo coverage:

champagne pop + cheers

Gather your wedding party + any loved ones who are present during your morning. Pop a new bottle of your drink of choice and have a congratulatory cheers with all those who are with you. Give them the time to congratulate you + give yourself time to let them know their support on your big day isn't unnoticed.

confetti pop

Start your wedding day off with a bang! Gather your people and have everyone celebrate the beginning of your best day ever! Please note: only do a popper outside if it is biodegradable. For the plastic poppers, lets stay inside.

send a letter to your partner

Have a letter and/or gifts arrive to your partner's getting ready location. Have them take a moment out of their day to read some sweet words of encouragement, excitement and celebration for your future. Pair it with a gift for them to wear or carry with them for the day.

gift exchanges

This is a big day for your parents! Make sure your photographer is present for any gift exchanges. If you have something special to thank your mom and/or dad, we want you to have this moment to be alone but also documented to remember the moment before their baby gets married!

kids during getting ready

It is becoming more and more common for kids to come BEFORE the wedding! We want them to be a part of the celebrating. They can help you with your tie, be a part of the first look or maybe your daughter wants to try on your wedding dress!

dress support!

Make sure mom, mother-in-law, friend, sister, etc... is present and dressed to help the bride get into her wedding dress. Having a support system will make this process enjoyable and create a moment you'll cherish.

first look

A list of moments to make the most of your first look photo coverage:

in your ceremony space

If possible, pick a location that will have you remembering your first look together forever. If it's an option, have it at your ceremony location! Most couple's are worried about their first look "ruining" the moment they will see each other at the alter. This gives you the best of both worlds, you get to watch your partner walk down the aisle then share a moment alone before your day is filled with the presence of your loved ones. INSPO:

private vows

Talking in front of a crowd is hard enough, but to wear your heart on your sleeve while telling the one you're marrying how much you love them, that can be a challenge! If you want to have personalized vows but don't want the pressure of speaking in front of your loved ones, opt for a private moment!

toast + cheers

There aren't a lot of times where you two are truly alone for your day. So many loved ones will be surrounding you. Lets take a moment to pop a personalized bottle of bubbly, and have a drink together to celebrate the day that is about to begin.

first moments for others

First looks don't have to stay between you and your partner. These moments are special for so many others! Your wedding party, your parents, grandparents, siblings or your kids! Whomever it is that you want this special moment with, schedule it into your getting ready coverage.


A list of moments to make the most of your ceremony photo coverage:

Ring Warming Ceremony

Before your ring exchange, your rings are passed around to wedding guests who warm them with their love and well wishes. This will give a moment for your guests to feel more involved in the ceremony and the couple a quick chance to wave some hellos.

kiss multiple times!

Have a gameplan with your photographer to kiss multiple times. The first traditional kiss from behind so you can see your loved ones cheering you on, a second kiss after signing from a traditional view down the aisle, then your last a kiss in the middle of the aisle (this one you can spice up with a dip to celebrate!)

take in the moment

Have your officiant guide you towards turning to your guests, this will give the couple a chance to break away from each other and see all their loved ones who showed up to celebrate. Give a quick hello wave and really take in how loved and supported you are.

Privately marry the morning of or day before

Officiants are amazing at what they do, but sometimes it is nice to look back at your memories and have a friend or loved one's conducting your ceremony. Opt to legally be married before your scheduled ceremony, so you can have a more custom celebration.

cocktail hour

A list of moments to make the most of your reception photo coverage:

group toast

If the space permits, have all your guests gathered for a champagne toast following the ceremony.

bring out your inner child!

temporary tattoo station

Lay out custom tattoos, with your names, wedding date or even a picture of your face. Create a table for guests to put on the tattoos, go one step further with a photo booth so they can take pictures with their new tatts!

wedding pinata

Have some fun with this! Include candy, drink tokens, scavenger hunt tasks, trivia, etc! A great way to keep your guests active and engaged on your day.


A list of moments to make the most of your reception photo coverage:

guest entrance + reception reveal

Swap roles and have your guests enter to you for your reception! You and your partner will arrive 10 minutes before guests so you have time to see your reception space just the two of you, then you'll meet each other on the dance floor. You will have 30 seconds to dance alone until the doors are opened to your guests. Guests will come in and circle around you on the dance floor to watch you complete your dance together.

guest scavenger hunt

Have a few disposable film camera's on each table. Every table will have a different scavenger hunt list of pictures for guests to take. EX. newlyweds kissing, bride's mom on the dance floor, the groom and best man taking a shot, the couple's parents.

Champagne tower

Open your reception up with a champagne tower! The couple will pour champagne and go for their first cheers together. Afterwards, hand out the additional glasses to the wedding party + parents so everyone has matching glasses and a drink for toasts.

guest wine tasting

Have your wedding party start the dinner by pouring the guests the newlywed's favourite white and red wines.

customized sunglasses

Sun glasses with guests name for them to wear on the dance floor - can double as name places!


Have your MC's read trivia questions about the newlyweds to the guests, first table to buzz in the correct answer is released for dinner.

time your speeches!

Have speeches BEFORE dinner, everyone will be present in listening + watching and not focused on eating the food in front of them, or pushing their dirty plates to the side. This works best when apps are served during cocktail hour.

last dance/exit

Wedding days are LONG! Don't be afraid to make an exit point! This can be a last dance surrounded by all your guests, sparklers or a final toast

guest pictures

Have your DJ announce a game, the bride and groom will be going to each table to take a group picture. Every table needs to have a picture within the time length of one song.

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