photographing in your home

preparing your space

your home's NATURAL LIGHT

Ensure the rooms you wish to use have access to a large window to provide as much natural light possible. Keep an eye on your home's light to determine the best time to schedule your session. Typically these happen early afternoon when we have lots of sunshine outside.

colour in your space

Colour plays a big part in your session. We will be using the master bedroom for the newborn solo photos, so having a white, cream, light colored bedding is preferred.

Scroll down to learn about your clothing colour.

tidy your space

We typically use your living room, nursery and master bedroom. Please ensure these spaces have clutter, toys and baby items put away in drawers, closets, etc.. Anything you wish to not be photographed is best to remain out of sight in the space. Keep an eye open for stray cords, especially phone chargers on your nightstands.

home temperature

If possible, try and keep your house warmer than usual. Babies love being warm and cuddly and when the house is cold, they’ll let you know if they don’t like it.

your photographer's arrival

If possible, baby should be fed and changed into their first outfit. We typically start with baby asleep in the master bedroom then flow into the next rooms.

photographing your newborn

1-2 weeks old

Book your newborn session sooner if you're wanting those posed and sleepy images. This is when babies are more flexible and ideally heavy sleepers to transition between poses. This timing is best for swaddled, tummy time and naked poses.

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photographing your newborn

1-2 months old

Booking your session later can give moms and dads time to adjust following the arrival of their new babe! I personally love these sessions as we can catch baby with eyes open or closed. By this time they tend to start showing some personality and lots of smiles in the photos. More time will be needed for soothing and reassurance as your baby has longer awake periods. So patience and knowing we are not in a rush plays a big role in capturing those key moments!

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photographing your newborn


Outdoor newborn sessions are a great alternative if your home isn't "picture ready." I generally suggest we do outdoor sessions for older babies. Those who are used to outdoor elements, such as wind and light. These sessions tend to take place later in the evening, so make sure your babies schedule will allow for that timing. We will work to find a location that involves minial walking and will be close to your vehicle for diaper changes, outfit changes and feeding, when needed.

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what to wear

choosing your wardrobe

The colour and style of your clothes can impact your photos, your best options are neutrals such as cremes, whites and lights.

Mom – Natural colours (nude, white, camel, grey, light pink, etc) something as simple as a white shirt + jeans, or a flowy dress.
Dad – Natural complimenting colours to mom. Nice t-shirt (nude, white, dark grey) paired with jeans, tan shorts, or khakis. Avoid prints or logos.
Siblings – Natural colours – t shirt and pants or dress in neutral colours. Avoid prints or logos.

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be prepared!

have these available for your session

  • 1-2 outfit changes (if you plan on having baby in a white onesie, have multiple on hand to change into for any spit ups)
  • a bottle or comfortable place to feed
  • hats, bows, clips etc...
  • 1 outfit with open footies (to ensure we can capture those tiny fingers and toes)
  • swaddle
  • crib sheet, pillows, blankets, etc... all on beds and nursery ready for baby to be laid down
  • any custom objects, toys or books you wish to have photographed