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Top 7 favourite wedding reception moments

Wedding receptions are filled with emotions, memorable moments and celebration! They tend to be one of my favourite parts of a wedding day to capture. Each couple shares a unique first dance, party games and then the dance floor is opened up for guest to join in on the celebrations. Here are a few of my favourite reception moments.

1. Lucia + John's First Dance Partner

Lucia and John shared their elopement styled, first dance, in front of 8 of their closest friends and family. But, they had a special 9th guest, their adorable flower pup, Prismo. She wore the most perfect white lace dress, pulled together with a floral belt. During their dance, Prismo was in on the whole celebration and didn't leave their sides. Scroll through this mini slider to watch the cutest flower girl, absolutely steal the show!

2. Alicia + Greg's Anniversary dance

Alicia and Greg's wedding had the perfect reception games to get their party started. During their reception their DJ introduced the Anniversary Dance. This game involves the newlyweds and all their married guests. Everyone starts out on the dance floor and remains dancing for the amount of years they have been married. At the end of the game, the longest married couple remains dancing. At this moment, we captured the sweet dance of Alicia's grandparents while the newlyweds watched. You can definitely feel the love and admiration in these photos.

3. Kayla + Andrew's unforgettable party

Kayla and Andrew's wedding reception has left me forever a changed photographer! I have never watched so much energy, love, and pure celebration laid out on a dance floor. From their choreographed first dance, basketball dunking Horah and wild facial expressions, these two had a night their guest will want to relive over and over. There wasn't a single photo captured without someone smiling ear-to-ear or being tossed in the air. Browse through this slider and let these photos transport you back to this unforgettable night!

4. Carrie's Father Daughter dance

Carrie shared the sweetest dance with her father, in the same building that her parents also had their wedding! Straight away you could feel how much this dance meant to both of them. You won't catch me openly crying too often at a wedding, but the Amanda Bynes "What A Girl Wants" part of me, always has to stop and enjoy the moment when a daughter dances with her father on her wedding day.

5. Baby on board!

During Jessica and Brad's wedding reception, her bridesmaid's baby made it clear, they wanted to be a part of the celebration! You could hear the ladies get all excited when she started to feel some kicks. This adorable moment captured the bond between bridesmaids and an image that shows just how important guest moments and experiences are at weddings.

6. Fabio's picture perfect dance

Nina and Fabio celebrated their roaring 20's themed wedding at Toronto's Eglinton Grand Theatre. The beauty about this reception location is the ability for each couple to play an actual movie on the theatre screen behind them, truly transporting their guests to another place in time. During Fabio's mother-son dance, there was a brief moment where their dance aligned perfectly with the dance being played behind them. One of my favourite, timeless captures to date!

7. aLYSSA AND rYAN - Nobody left seated

Finally, comes Alyssa and Ryan's Doctor's House reception. What blew me away, was how interconnected all their guests were. Then came this beautiful moment where not a SINGLE guest was seated. Literarily, everyone was up on their feet, on the dance floor, completely in sync with each other and ready to party the rest of the night away!